Keep your Gym Clean and Pristine

Nobody wants to go to a gym with smelly carpets, dusty equipment and stained machinery. Regular cleaning is a necessity, but is probably the last thing on your mind after a long day at work, especially when it involves the sweat of your customers! However, there’s no need to fret, because we can do the hard work for you in no time and have the gym fresh for another day.

At CGC, we have plenty of experience cleaning gyms of every size and understand the needs of the industry when it comes to health and hygiene. Keeping equipment clean is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a gym, and will play a major role in the health and happiness of your members. If left unattended, workout machines can become stained and smelly beyond belief and have a reduced lifetime through wear and tear. However, with professional cleaning services it can all remain like-new and be ready for another day of blood, sweat and tears, while your gym maintains an image of cleanliness and professionalism.

Professional results

We provide our clients with efficient, affordable cleaning solutions with a guaranteed price match. From cleaning of toilets, windows and other surfaces to sanitisation of specialised equipment and machinery, we offer a comprehensive service to keep your gym sparkling clean. Also included in our service is vacuuming, waste removal, consumable stocking and more.

Eco-friendly service with an emphasis on your needs

Because so many gyms operate into the late evening with some even staying open 24/7, we offer gym cleaning at any time, day or night, so that there is no disruption to you or your customers. All the chemicals we use are 100% environmentally friendly while still achieving the highest standards so you can have lasting peace of mind.

Don’t let your gym suffer from neglect, choose CGC to meet all your cleaning needs without breaking the bank. For more information, give us a call on 1300 481 258 or fill out the enquiry form and we will be more than happy to discuss your options.


I just wanted to say congratulations for exceeding our expectations. Our reception always smells great. Our staff have no complaints. Thanks.
Belinda HuongChatswood
Your website said price match and that’s exactly what we got plus a professional service. Excellent cleaning service. No problem recommending the commercial cleaning.
Joe KhouryParramatta
Excellent service thank you. From the cleaners to Operations Manager Ross noting is a hassle. Appreciate your service at least something else I don’t have to worry about
Stacey KimSydney City
What a great start. Thanks for putting in the much needed effort. Its only when you engage a professional outfit like CGS that you see true service delivery, regards
Rodney MossWollongong
CGC you do a wonderful job. No stress ever. Keep up the great work
Peter GladstoneCronulla
Well priced. Even better service. Over 5 years of service. Happy to provide a reference if required. Thanks
Sarah YangHornsby
We been thru so many different cleaners. You guys are professional, always on time. Never any issues
Peta CrinkleGosford